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Submit: Get out the Vote

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Election season in America is in full swing. We want to see images that cover it from all angles. We want editorial imagery that covers the action of the election, both in the US and from different perspectives around the world. We also love creative imagery that explores concepts of democracy and voting — choice, change, community, involvement. The set of buttons by manley099 and the ballot box image by Alija are great examples of strong, iconic concept images that really work.

Download the full “Get out the Vote” creative brief PDF here.

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Submit: Editorial Education

Education is always an in-demand topic for editorial imagery, and we’re on the lookout for more. We need imagery on all kinds of education topics: new technology in the classroom, education funding & economic issues, student lifestyles and portraiture, and illustrative concepts about learning.

Think about the ways education is making the news in your area and visualize image concepts that can deliver those ideas in new, interesting ways.

Easy for us to say, right? Of course it’s always a challenge to pull off strong pictures that explore ideas in new ways. We’ve picked a handful of education shots that we think succeed:

1. danishkhan has put together a complete photo essay on street schools in the Lyari neighborhood of Karachi. We love that he’s found and investigated an interesting topic and devoted time to really dig deep into it, producing some compelling and also beautiful shots.

2. Speaking of beautiful, we can’t stress enough how important it is that editorial shots are excellent pictures as well as interesting subjects. tunart’s image of this Chinese schoolroom has strong editorial qualities, but more importantly is a great portrait.

3. A well-made still life concept can do a lot of work illustrating an idea. hocus-focus has a great series of iPads: straightforward ideas that are executed really well.

4. As with any concept there are all kinds of different ways to convey the core idea. Clu’s library interior here is a graphically interesting architectural shot that also works as a strong education concept. Think outside the classroom about what kinds of compositions communicate learning in cool new ways.